McVey Bros. Insurance Brokers LTD.

Commercial Insurance
Property Insurance

Commercial Property insurance is needed whether you own a small or medium sized business. At McVey Brothers, we provide our clients with the appropriate coverage to protect your property and/or physical assets. For many businesses, a great deal of their company’s assets are associated with equipment. Company equipment can be insured under a Commercial Property policy. Let us help you choose the coverage that is best suited for your business.

Auto Insurance

If you use a company car or have employees who drive company vehicles, you would require Commercial Automobile insurance. McVey Brothers help protect our client’s company vehicles and their liability. By knowing the use of the vehicles, we are able to place to appropriate coverage to protect you and your employees.

Commercial General Liability

Businesses are constantly being exposed to liability risks that may occur on their property, or on a job site. Commercial General Liability (CGL) protects businesses from a range of potential claims that could arise from any occurrence. McVey Brothers recommends obtaining a CGL for our commercial clients to insure them against any claims associated with their business.

Farm Insurance

McVey Brothers also provides coverage for any clients who own a farm. A farm insurance policy can provide coverage for personal property, including farm buildings, livestock, machinery and equipment. It is not uncommon for a member of our brokerage to visit a farm personally to initiate a quote or perform any changes.