McVey Bros. Insurance Brokers LTD.

Personal Insurance
Habitational Insurance

Whether you own a home, condominium, seasonal cottage or rent a dwelling, McVey Brothers can find the right solution for your insurance needs. At McVey Brothers, we understand your home is most likely your most prized possession, and where you should feel safe. Our mission is to ensure each client’s home is protected against those elements that could jeopardize their peace of mind, such as fire or water damage. We look at each risk individually and find the appropriate coverage and policy that is suitable for you. It is our responsibility as our clients’ broker, to inform them of their coverage, policy limits, what is and isn’t covered, and how to report an insurance claim in the event of a loss. If a loss were ever to occur, Habitational insurance will help our clients rebuild and replace the contents and personal possessions of theirs and their loved ones.

Automobile / Car Insurance

Driving a car, for most, is a necessity. At McVey Brothers, we understand you depend on your car, which is why we place coverage to protect your interests. We make sure all of our automobile policies have the best coverage for our clients, so in the event of a loss, they will be able to continue on with their regular activities. This includes family protection and payment of a rental car, if need be.​

McVey Brothers assists our clients to navigate around the wordings of an automobile policy to ensure there is no confusion in terms of coverage. We are able to provide professional advice and recommendations to make sure all your questions and concerns are resolved, as well as perform any changes requested by the insured.​

Classic Car Insurance

We also provide a variety of coverage and policies for classic or collectible automobiles. Even though most people don’t drive these vintage cars very often, there is still a risk of theft or fire to these vehicles, which is why car insurance is a must.

Recreational Vehicles / Watercrafts Insurance

McVey Brothers also provides insurance for recreational vehicles including snowmobiles, ATV’s, trailers, motor homes and boats. Insuring these recreational vehicles and watercrafts protect insureds from any risks associated with such activities.